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Pivoting Your Career In 2022?

By Shari Leid, written for Diversity Professional Magazine, published Spring 2022 edition. Does it seem like everyone these days has a life coach? If you haven’t worked with a life coach before, you may be wondering what exactly a life coach does. When describing the work of a life coach, I often provide the analogy […]


3 Tips For Women In Midlife Who Are Considering Going Back to School

Meet the women of the book, Friendship book series. This week (January 18th, 2022 at 2PM PST/ 5PM EST) I speak with Mary Munsil (The 50/50 Friendship Flow – Chapter 31- Align Your Virtual Life With Your Real Life). Mary made the decision to not only return to school in her late 40s to complete […]


December Is HIV Awareness Month – A Daughter Shares Her Personal Story

Meet the women of the book, Make Your Mess Your Message. December is HIV/AIDS Awareness month —  This week (December 14, 2021 2PM PST/ 5PM EST) I spoke with Sarah Noble (Chapter 1 – Returning To Joy). During our conversation, Sarah shared her family’s personal story of the loss of her father to HIV/AIDS  — […]


How To Make Yourself A Priority While Helping Others

Meet the women of, “Make Your Mess Your Message” Watch the full interview here! Joining the navy at age 17, becoming the legal guardian of her younger sister at age 19 due to  the unexpected death of her beloved mother due to cancer, a divorce, becoming a single mom, becoming the guardian of her brother […]


3 Tools To Navigate Life’s Obstacles From A Professional Obstacle Course Racer

We all face obstacles in our life, many that seem to pop up out of nowhere. This past year has certainly been a year filled with obstacles for many of us – as we’ve had to navigate school, work, relationships and financial issues during the pandemic.  Joining me in this week’s interview which can be […]


The Secret to Resolutions That Stick

Last month’s journal topic focused on New Year’s Resolutions.  Now that it is January 31st, how are your New Year’s Resolutions going? If you have not made the progress that you hoped to this past month, you are not alone. When making New Year’s Resolutions, we step into the New Year with an earnest intent […]


New Year! New Resolutions! Well,…maybe…

New Year! New Resolutions! Well,….maybe… Confession: I am a serial New Year’s Resolutions setter.  My magic number is 10!!  Each year, since Middle School, I have made a list of 10 resolutions for the year to come.   Historically, I have tucked these resolutions away somewhere and admittedly did not look at them ever again. I […]


November is National Adoption Awareness Month

The phrase, “Imposter Syndrome” has become a hot topic for life coaches in recent years.  I have noticed its prevalence among my own clients.  The syndrome, which does not discriminate, reaching beautiful, educated, successful women, who easily appear as forces to be reckoned with to the outside world.  The term, “Imposter Syndrome,” is described in […]