Hi, I'm Shari Leid, your life coach! 

I’m a strong believer that the ultimate goal in life is to find happiness & to live a life that has balance.

The relationships we have with our partners, family members, co-workers and friends are critical to achieving happiness + being able to define goals that feel purposeful is incredibly important... and I am here to help you design your personal road map to get there.

Happiness is found when you live a life that is filled with: satisfying relationships + purpose + balance.

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I’m so excited to connect with you at this moment, because I believe we enter one another's lives when we're supposed to. And our time is now!

My passion is working with clients who are ready to live life to the fullest - a life that is filled with balance, purpose - a life created by an imperfectly perfect design! My clients already have the answers to move forward, they simply need a guide to point them in the right direction...

And, this is where I step in.

I help you recognize that the answers to your journey lie within you. I help you see how past messages may no longer be working for you, how obstacles are opportunities in disguise, and I help you let go of the fears of the future and the restraints of the past.


I help you define your goals & develop a road map -  so that you can create and live the life of your dreams, designed by YOU.

my passion

my journey

From my earliest memories, I was inclined to structure and planning, with every goal neatly ticked off a well-thought-out checklist. 

My academic journey saw me diligently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, followed by a Doctorate of Jurisprudence right after college. I embarked on a fulfilling fifteen-year career as a trial attorney, a period rich with personal milestones including marriage, becoming a homeowner, and welcoming two wonderful children into our family.

Later, I transitioned into the roles of a devoted stay-at-home mom and a passionate fitness trainer, even starting my own business from a specially designed workout studio at home. Our family portrait became complete with the addition of a loving Labrador Retriever.

However, reaching my mid-40s ushered in a period of introspection and a growing disconnect with the life that seemed to unfold more from societal expectations than my inner calling. This realization brought a transformative understanding that my true essence was not in living a 'perfect' life according to external standards but in embracing the distinctiveness of my individual journey.

This newfound appreciation for my authentic self has only grown deeper in my 50s, a time of profound belief in the empowering narrative of a life lived with all its imperfect perfections. Every experience, including the dissolution of a 26 year marriage, has molded me into someone capable of guiding others on their paths to self-discovery.

Today, I stand as a Life Coach, deeply committed to helping others navigate their personal journeys towards a fulfilling life where success is paired harmoniously with happiness. I firmly believe that everyone can carve out their own niche of an "Imperfectly Perfect" life — a life rich in both achievements and joy. In the collaborative and nurturing space we create together, I am here to listen, to engage in meaningful dialogues, and to ask the questions that encourage my clients to align their goals with their innermost desires and values.

I am here to facilitate your journey to a life where every decision stems from a deep understanding of your unique self, steering you towards a destination of success and happiness, crafted beautifully with all the imperfect perfections that make you, you. Let's work together in building your imperfectly perfect life!


Shari has been featured on some of the biggest media networks and news publications for her work as an author. 


Scroll through the videos to see her impressive track-record of media spotlights or check out her media page for more information.

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What is Life Coaching?

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A life coach guides you from where you are now in your life to where you want to be. Coaching is not therapy.

Coaching is a proactive approach to help you define what you want in life, whether it be relationships, physical, work life or family life goals or to help you through transitions in life and guide you as you work to overcome internal or external obstacles or blocks. 

I work with clients across the United States via Zoom -- and I take my job very seriously! I value my clients' time and I view my job as extremely important and I hope life changing - so, I limit my coaching practice to no more than 1 client a day. I have the luxury of offering a very client-centered practice. My clients' forward movement is just as important to me as it is to them! No client is just a number - every client is a VIP!

Many of my clients have sculpted lives that appear picture-perfect from the outside. However, deep down, they sense an unfulfilled potential, an elusive piece that could amplify their happiness and satisfaction.

Often, they find themselves in a pivotal moment of their life, grappling with internal dilemmas or external challenges. That's where I come in. I assist them in pinpointing and navigating these barriers. I firmly trust that every individual has the potential to evolve, enhancing their overall well-being and fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships.

By understanding their unique worth and the myriad of opportunities that lie ahead, they can unlock this potential. I'm convinced that the solutions they seek are nestled within them. Together, as we collaborate, I guide them in unveiling and embracing their most fulfilling life.

Do you have questions about my process, pricing, or me?

Great! Send me a note, and I'll get in touch as soon as possible. I love connecting with my clients, and can't wait to chat with you! 


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I'll be your guide through obstacles, transitions, and your path to achieving an imperfectly perfect life, your BEST life!

Take charge of your life.

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