After witnessing the country become divided through much of the political strife in the past 6 years and shrinking personal communities during the pandemic – always wanting to travel to all 50 states, Shari decided she isn’t going to let another year go by that she doesn’t make her dream a reality. Through it she is making it her mission to sit down with 1 woman in each state to have meaningful conversations and to learn more about each woman, her family and community.

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Gain a better understanding of friendships, community, aging, and to challenge her own preconceived ideas of different parts of the United States and the people who live there.

Demonstrate how easy it is to connect with new people who are different than ourselves, to show how open people are to conversation, and to support the underlying truth that our differences aren’t as great as our connections.

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“I aim to learn the story that brought each woman to her current state of residence. I want to learn about the community that she has created, her thoughts on aging, motherhood, relationships, careers, and any pivotal life experiences that she is comfortable discussing and wishes to share. I am curious about religion and politics – not what her beliefs are – but why she believes what she believes. Does she believe the same as her parents? I’m also curious to learn about her definition of, “friend,” and why she agreed to meet with me, a “stranger.”


My goal is to encourage women to sit down with someone they normally would not engage with and have intentional conversations to get to know and understand one another. We are a country that is made up of citizens who have stopped listening to each other and we are quick to point out our differences rather than the common threads that bind us. Let’s hear each other’s stories – and find that despite our perceived differences, we are more connected than divided and through learning one another’s stories, we become stronger and better leaders in our communities.


Dana Frank, Real Estate Investor, Community activist, writer, and Co-Blogger at 

“Women connecting with other women is truly a powerful resource. Shari Leid's ability to open dialogue with women sharing their achievements, challenges, and vulnerability with such transparency and authenticity is remarkable. This book as with The 50/50 Friendship Flow, and Make Your Mess Your Message, is a gift and treasure. These stories resonate and empower all to know we are not alone on this journey.”

Chanel Reynolds, founder of Get Your Shit Together, author of WhatMatters Most. The Get Your Shit Together Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance, and Life’s ‘What-ifs’

“Who is the executor of your will? Your health care advocate? The guardian of your children or pets? Shari’s book gets to the heart of what true wealth looks like, friendships and community. With expert storytelling, humor, and grace Shari speaks to us with the best-friend-realness and words of wisdom we all need to hear. Getting our shit together means getting our friendships in order and showing up for ourselves and each other. Reach out and connect, a rich world of friendships is available to all of us.”

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About the Author

Former litigator turned empowering life coach, Shari Leid, has dedicated her life to guiding individuals in recognizing and harnessing their intrinsic power.

Through transformative conversations and purpose-driven practices, Shari aids both men and women in navigating through life’s intricacies and embracing an authentically imperfectly perfect life.

She is a national speaker and the author of the nationally acclaimed books:

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Meet the 50 States Women

Meet the women on Shari's journey. Click a flag on any state or use the arrows to see who Shari is meeting on her latest adventure.

Nicole - New Mexico
Nancy - Hawaii
Anna - Arizona
Catherine - Nevada
Paula - Florida
Hannah - California
Brie - Missouri
Taylor - Texas
Traci - Oregon
Tiernan - Washington
Devin - Tennessee
Laura - Alabama
Ashley - Georgia
Angie - Kentucky
Kristin - Indiana
Mai - New York
Cindy - South Carolina
Melissa - North Carolina
Megan - Virginia
Ann - Minnesota
Linda - North Dakota
Toni - South Dakota