While you may not have a professional life coach, you have your girlfriend, your ride-or-die friends, your new acquaintances, your colleagues and now you have my friends as well. Ask Yourself This takes you on a journey of self-discovery as you reflect and journal through its pages.

Find connection, confidence, and happiness with 60 powerful questions.

Ask Yourself This

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As you read and journal through Ask Yourself This, you will discover:
- Gratitude for the life experiences that have brought you here
- An understanding why experiences were placed in your life
- You possess all you need to manifest your desires
- New and renewed self-confidence
- Deeper connections to your girlfriends and community  
Shari Leid reveals the power of friendship as never before!

In this final book of the Friendship series, life coach Shari Leid asks simple life questions that lead to very thought-provoking answers, prompting conversations you’ve probably never had before. 

–Justina Chen, author, LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP

“If you need a quick infusion of inspiration, grab Ask Yourself This. Even better, grab a couple of copies and send them to all your girlfriends and ask each other the questions contained in this insightful book. The brilliance of Shari Leid is calling on, celebrating, and sharing the wisdom of the women in her life. The answers within Ask Yourself This will reframe and recharge your own life.”

Dana Frank, Real Estate Investor, Community activist, writer, and Co-Blogger at menopausebarbees.com 

“Women connecting with other women is truly a powerful resource. Shari Leid's ability to open dialogue with women sharing their achievements, challenges, and vulnerability with such transparency and authenticity is remarkable. This book as with The 50/50 Friendship Flow, and Make Your Mess Your Message, is a gift and treasure. These stories resonate and empower all to know we are not alone on this journey.”

Chanel Reynolds, founder of Get Your Shit Together, author of WhatMatters Most. The Get Your Shit Together Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance, and Life’s ‘What-ifs’

“Who is the executor of your will? Your health care advocate? The guardian of your children or pets? Shari’s book gets to the heart of what true wealth looks like, friendships and community. With expert storytelling, humor, and grace Shari speaks to us with the best-friend-realness and words of wisdom we all need to hear. Getting our shit together means getting our friendships in order and showing up for ourselves and each other. Reach out and connect, a rich world of friendships is available to all of us.”


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Former litigator, Shari Leid currently operates An Imperfectly Perfect Life, LLC, a professional life coaching business serving women, helping guide them towards recognizing their power. She is a national speaker and the author of the nationally acclaimed book, The 50/50 Friendship Flow: Life Lessons From and For My Girlfriends

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