How To Make Yourself A Priority While Helping Others

October 26, 2021

Meet the women of, “Make Your Mess Your Message”

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Joining the navy at age 17, becoming the legal guardian of her younger sister at age 19 due to  the unexpected death of her beloved mother due to cancer, a divorce, becoming a single mom, becoming the guardian of her brother who had a stroke —  while still managing to finish college, law school, obtaining an advanced LLM law degree, establish a successful solo law practice, and currently  running for  municipal court  judge in Bremerton, Washington – Tracy  explains how she has been able to manage helping others while keeping  herself and her goals a priority despite life’s messes!

Tracy’s 3 tools for keeping herself a priority while she has maintained her focus on serving others:

“I think it’s wonderful to think about these tools – (1) I first want to say that it’s important to know and trust yourself don’t to not be afraid of a heart choice. I think in talking and telling my story, I gave some examples of that.

(2) So, this next generation being different and saying family first versus work – I don’t think it needs to be an either/or. You need to trust yourself and find the balance of finding what you are passionate about. Ask yourself, ‘What are my passions?’ and put those passions in line with your yeses. If you are going to say yes to something, make sure you’re passionate about it, versus thinking that if you do these things on your career path, you’ll get to A, B or C – make sure there’s passion in what you’re doing. Because if you just check the box, you really may be doing yourself harm in making that decision.

(3) And always have that authentic voice. Don’t just regurgitate something that you may have heard – in this day and age, don’t believe everything that you see on social media, there is a wonderful place called the library. My daughter teases me for being a nerd, but she spends just as much time in the library as I do – find your authentic voice through your own research, not just relying on today’s social media platforms and trust yourself.”

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