One Woman’s Inspirational Survival Story Following A Devastating Stroke In Her 40s

November 9, 2021

Meet the women of the book,  Make Your Mess Your Message

This week I spoke with Linda (Chapter 21 “Letting Go Of The To-Do List”).

Linda’s creative energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and her superpower of being a “Super-Connector” is evident in all her ventures.  A devastating stroke and discovery of a brain aneurysm while just in her 40s taught her the value of slowing down and focusing on taking time for the fun that life has to offer.

Linda’s 3 tips to live a healthy lifestyle:

  1. “Yeah, I mean, do what makes you happy. I’m going to go sailing right after this interview because I love being on the water. So I make more time now for sailing and being at the beach. We live in a world filled with technology where you can work remotely as we’ve all learned during the pandemic, which I call the great pause, but do what makes you happy and, and who cares? What other people think or say, this is your life. And, you know, we only have, I found out that the average life span is 960 months. That’s it. That’s 29,000 days. That’s the average life span. And that’s really not a lot, you know, when you think about it and the great scheme of things.”
  2. “Learn to say no, or learn to say, let me get back to you on that. Because I learned to say, well let me get back to you on that. Or no. Or if I do say, yes, it’s really setting expectations, like, okay, you know, I can do this, but here’s what I can do. Here’s my capabilities. Here’s when I can do that, and this is what I’m going to need, so we can accomplish this together.”
  3. “And then also really just focusing on, – I have a journal now. I journal every day. I do my affirmations. I meditate, I listened to relaxing classical music. And I just make sure to take time for myself because having that time is a luxury.”

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