Transformative Resolutions for Thriving Amid Divorce

February 2, 2024

If you are one of the many couples closing the book on your marriage this year,  those standard new year’s resolutions may need a little revamping as we dive into the second month of the year. The good news is that divorce, even with all its challenges, can be an incredibly transformative journey of self-discovery and unexpected opportunities. It’s a time when your mindset can truly shape the path ahead, and I’m here to share some resolutions that I hope will empower your personal growth during this pivotal phase of life so that when all of the dust settles, you’ll be ready to fully embrace the amazing life that you have ahead of you.

  1. Hydrate Your Body and Soul: During life’s storms, remember to nourish both your body and soul. Sip on water like it’s the elixir of life because it truly is! Aim for at least 64 ounces daily, especially following those happy hour evenings with your supportive friends.
  2. Share a Smile, Share a Moment: A simple smile can be your guiding light. Engage in conversations, even with strangers, to uplift your spirit. My recent journey through all 50 states this past year, experiencing moments of loneliness and homesickness, reinforced the beauty of human connections and casual conversations, even short conversations in a grocery store checkout like can do wonders for the spirit.
  3. Meditate to Find Clarity: Dedicate at least 5 minutes each morning and night to meditation. It’s your anchor during the tumultuous times of divorce, helping you declutter your mind. You’ll find that you will start to crave these stolen moments where you simply allow yourself to breathe.
  4. Nurture Meaningful Friendships: Cultivate your friendships with intention. Schedule regular virtual or in-person gatherings to create a strong support system. Surround yourself with friends who uplift your energy and inspire personal growth. Divorce is a time that friendships are often re-evaluated – use this time as your opportunity to choose your tribe.
  5. Emotions as Insights, Not Identity: Your emotions are like windows offering insight into your needs. Remember, you are not your emotions; they are your guides through this transformative journey.
  6. Discover Opportunity in Setbacks: Every setback is an opportunity in disguise. Detach momentarily and view your situation as an impartial observer. What advice would you give to a dear friend in your shoes? In my 2nd book Make Your Mess Your Message, every woman who shared a short story of a mess in her life, including divorce, ended up thriving in a direction even better than what they had originally planned.
  7. Reframe Challenges as Growth: Shift your perspective and see difficulties as opportunities for personal growth. Embrace each hurdle as a chance to become the best version of yourself. It isn’t always easy to do but think of challenges as the Universe ringing a bell, telling you to look for the opportunity in the challenge. And remember to always ask yourself, “Is there an easier way to do this to achieve my goal?” Just because it is a challenge, doesn’t mean it has to be hard – break down those challenges into bite sized pieces.
  8. Release the Need to Fix: Understand that you’re not responsible for fixing others. Embrace your uniqueness and the lessons this journey brings.
  9. Build a Support Toolbox: Embrace the wisdom of podcasts, coaches, therapists, and the love of friends and family. Seeking help is a sign of strength and a valuable tool for your personal growth.
  10. Healthy Boundaries: Boundaries are your way of expressing self-worth. Don’t be afraid of setting ultimatums when what you are doing is setting healthy boundaries.
  11. Live in the Present: Avoid unnecessary worry about the future. The future is not here and worrying about it is like worrying about whether or not it will rain on this day a year from now. It doesn’t change the weather and it does nothing but unnecessarily drain your energy. Focus on the things that you can control today.
  12. Organize for Clarity: Like Paula Rizzo. list creator expert, create lists to bring order to the chaos of life. It’s a powerful way to prioritize what truly matters. It is also a way to cut down what feels overwhelming to bite sized pieces.

In 2024, let these resolutions be your guiding lights as you emerge from divorce stronger and more connected with your authentic self. Your well-being is precious, and these resolutions will empower you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

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