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New Podcast Alert! Please Listen, Follow, Rate, and Love (& Share)!

Announcing a new podcast! An Imperfectly Perfect Life – Life Unscripted. One that’s part life coaching, part laughter, and all about transformation. I’m launching this podcast just a few days before by 54th birthday – while I am also in the process of ending a 26-year marriage, I’m turning the page to a new chapter […]


5 Ways to Leave a Friend Group Without Major Drama

The last 2 years have carried a lot of shifts — which has often meant a shift in relationships, including friendships. Ending a friendship can be as difficult as ending a romantic relationship. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stephanie Sengwe for PureWow. Check out our conversation at


3 Tools To Navigate Life’s Obstacles From A Professional Obstacle Course Racer

We all face obstacles in our life, many that seem to pop up out of nowhere. This past year has certainly been a year filled with obstacles for many of us – as we’ve had to navigate school, work, relationships and financial issues during the pandemic.  Joining me in this week’s interview which can be […]


A Small Business Owner’s 3 Tools For Success During The Pandemic

In recent years, economists have estimated that 600,000 US businesses have permanently closed each year. Due to the pandemic, that number has skyrocketed with an estimated additional 200,000 permanent closures of businesses — or about a quarter to a third above normal. How can small businesses make it in our new normal?  Susan Slater Cotter […]


Everyone You Meet Is Both Your Teacher And Your Student

When I was training to become a certified life coach through, I learned the founder of the school’s philosophy: Everyone we meet is both our teacher and our student. Those words instantly resonated with me. From the moment I heard those words, I stopped looking at others as a lesson or a blessing and instead […]


Friendships in your 50s: One Year. 50 Empowering Dates with My Girlfriends.

I love saying that I’ve reached “my better half.” While I have been married for 23 years, “my better half” is not a reference to my husband but rather to my place in life. I turned 50 last December. And I couldn’t be happier than I am now, finally living in my better half! Prior […]


The Power of Listening

Remember back in grade school, as early as kindergarten, when we were told to “listen to your teachers” or “listen to your parents.” We were taught at an early age that listening was important. If we did not listen, we knew that we would be in trouble. This first direction “to listen” came from a […]


The 50/50 Friendship Flow – CHALLENGE!!!

If you know me personally, this past year you may have witnessed my 50 dates with 50 women who have had an impact on my life.  I chose to meet with 50 women during my 50th year of life, to sit down one on one for the purpose of sharing with each woman what they […]