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An Integrative Wellness Coach Shares 3 Tools To Optimize Your Health In Middle Age

Meet the women of the book, Make Your Mess Your Message. This week (December 21st , 2021 2PM PST/ 5PM EST) I speak with Teri Harmeyer (Chapter 28 – Enhancing Wellness and Longevity Through Functional Nutrition). Watch here! During our conversation, Teri shares her personal story of the loss of her father at  a young […]


Friendships in your 50s: One Year. 50 Empowering Dates with My Girlfriends.

I love saying that I’ve reached “my better half.” While I have been married for 23 years, “my better half” is not a reference to my husband but rather to my place in life. I turned 50 last December. And I couldn’t be happier than I am now, finally living in my better half! Prior […]


2020 Is The Most Important Year Of My Life

There have been a few times in my life, when my life has literally changed overnight.   These moments in life have taught me to not waste a day. I love the line in the Lee Ann Womack song, “And when you get the choice, to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance…” While […]


The 50/50 Friendship Flow Challenge Will Change Your Life

What if I told you that every person that is in your life is both your teacher and your student?  What if I told you that everyone who comes into your life, is in your life for a purpose? The 50/50 Friendship Flow encourages each of us to give one another the gift of time.  […]


The Way I Evaluate the World, Affects How I Feel

The way I evaluate the world, affects how I feel.  An event occurs, I evaluate, and then my emotions control my experience. Put a different way, thoughts control our emotions and emotions control our experience.  This is an important truth that I remind myself of when facing difficult situations.  While we frequently do not have […]