May 19, 2022

Check out the new coaching package — ELI Assessment + Debrief + 3 sessions.  

What is the ELI Assessment?

The Energy Leadership Assessment (ELI) is a proprietary attitudinal assessment tool only available via an IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) trained Coach and Master Practitioner.   Recommended by Forbes as one of the top 3 assessments that all executives should take (see link) it differs from personality profiling tests such as Myers Briggs/DiSC and the impact measuring GC Index because it doesn’t ‘label’ and is the only assessment that captures how an individual perceives and approaches their life and what happens to this when placed under stress.

It is only through the deep level of self-awareness and understanding of your own inner architecture that the ELI provides, that you can consciously shift your thoughts, perceptions and actions to becoming more positive and beneficial. It will enable you to recognize your internal blocks to success, your triggers for stress, how your current thinking may be the cause of stress, what motivates you and how you can actually choose how you respond to situations rather than reacting ‘by default’. The ELI will help boost your productivity, morale, confidence, communication and overall enjoyment in life and/or work.

What does it entail?   The assessment itself is completed online and takes about twenty minutes. A customized report summarizing the results is sent electronically, shortly after the assessment. This is then followed up with an individualized up to 90 minute debrief with an IPEC ‘Certified Professional
Coach’ who will discuss the results in more detail and identify key next steps with the individual to start working in shifting core energy to a more anabolic and overall healthy position enabling them to become more positive, resilient, confident and satisfied in life.

The Science Part

This Validation Study shows the reliability and validity of the ELI as a measure of a person’s energetic makeup.

Another study showed that participants who had vastly different backgrounds and circumstances can learn to achieve better control over their core energy and realize greater rewards in their work and personal lives as a result.

This same study also shows the statically significant correlation between a person’s core energy and the impact of Core Energy Coaching on their level of life satisfaction (and ultimately, ability to better manage their reactions to stress).

The ELI is an exciting tool that Shari uses to jump start the coaching relationship so that clients can begin making the shifts they hope for from day one!

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