How To Find Freedom From Childhood Sexual Abuse – A Woman’s Personal Story

January 25, 2022

Meet the women of the book, Friendship book series.

This week (January 25th, 2022 at 2PM PST/ 5PM EST) I speak with Cindy Benezra (The 50/50 Friendship Flow – Chapter 48 -Invite Friends Into Your House).

Cindy is a business owner of Elite Events Seattle, and author of Under The Orange Blossoms, a memoir self help book.

Back Cover of Under The Orange Blossoms:

Cindy  doesn’t know what’s happening to her. An American teenager living in Spain, she’s rocked by nightmares revealing dark secrets. Her childhood is being rewritten at night an everything she thought she knew about herself is wrong. She must rediscover who she is in light of the revelations.

As a young girl, Cindy endured years of abuse at the hands of her father. As an adult, she seeks freedom from her past while also dealing with her mother’s death, divorce, and her son’s ongoing health crisis.

Despite her father’s unthinkable violation, Cindy cares for him as an old an facing his mortality. In his final years, she interviews her dad, chasing his guilty confession before it’s too late.

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Under The Orange Blossoms
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A few of Cindy’s tools for moving towards healing from trauma:

“I would have to say, start with traditional therapy. That is probably the most helpful. And, there’s other things that don’t cost money – journaling. It could be simple things to moving your body when you just move your body just creates hormones, endorphins, that just shift that energy. And it it’s free. I mean, dancing, that’s free. You can just shift that energy. Um, one thing I like about journaling is that you put all your thoughts – It’s like a toxic way zone. You could just put it all on paper. It doesn’t have to be long or lengthy. It could be two sentences every day of like a check in how you’re feeling in the morning, how you’re feeling in the evening and rate your day. It just, it’s very therapeutic. You could just start really quickly, um, breathing exercises. breathing exercises are great. Um, yoga, you don’t need a lot of resources to find healing tools. You have it within you.”

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