How Custom Meaningful Jewelry Can Bring Healing, Joy, And Love

December 7, 2021

Meet the women of the book, Make Your Mess Your Message.

This week (December 6, 2021 2PM PST/ 5PM EST) I speak with Maja Arnold (Chapter 23 – Finding The Beauty – Even In The Darkness).

During our conversation, Maja shares the heartbreaking story of the loss of her daughter which led to the creation of Maja Arnold Jewelry.  In this very candid interview, she shares her personal story and what helped her get through the grief of losing a child.   

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3 pieces of advice/suggestions for other parents who are suffering from an unimaginable loss:

Maja Arnold:

“Everybody is different. Everybody grieves differently. Everybody has different pain. So giving advice is really hard to somebody who lost a child. I can go only what help me. What helped me personally was (1) actually keeping really busy. When I lost a child, I still had another child to take care of, I had lost a child who was a twin. And I had a husband and I had to be strong and had to keep going – the minute that we sit down and start thinking about it too much, lay down and get the depression. You are going to lose yourself. And, so you have to keep busy.

(2) and find something meaningful, maybe charity that you can, do, or, or maybe that you can start. Like I started with the jewelry, but that’s another thing. So start an organization in memory or start doing art or something – what’s meaningful to you and you think would be meaningful for the child. That’d be my second.

(3) And the third, I would say, find a books that inspire you and make you going. I read – I believe in God, but I read a really good book. A book from a Medium helped me personally, and basically the Medium was explaining after death, what happens. And then also it would help me because I felt like, okay, my child is going to heaven – she’s in a better place. Um, and that gives me incredible peace.”

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