A New Business Mission Statement Brings Opportunity and Purpose

May 1, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while sheltered in place and witnessing the pain that was unfolding across the world, I struggled to find a way to contribute to the healing.  I realized that I was in a position which allowed me to offer free life coaching to women economically affected by COVID-19.  As the weeks went on, I dropped the “economically affected” description to simply free life coaching for all women, offering no cost life coaching from mid-March through the end of April. This experience has prompted me to rewrite my business mission statement and to reset my fees based on the new mission statement, not based on what I wish to earn or a particular demographic, which up until the pandemic had been a cliental of  women who economically sit at the top 1%, a demographic that my fee schedule was designed to attract.  Because of the opportunity to reconnect with my heart purpose as a life coach, I’ve reduced my fees by 50-75% to reach a broader group of women. 

COVID-19 has given me time to reflect and align my work with my core values.

An Imperfectly Perfect Life, LLC

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide each client the ability to see opportunity. It is my job to ask the questions that will help my client to define her desired goals, while providing her clarity to let go of messages that no longer serve her.  Through the process of coaching, obstacles  that seem insurmountable and have stopped her from achieving her dreams are recognized, processed, and gently redefined. I value client trust, confidentiality, and I let go of any personal agenda, recognizing that each client’s life journey is entirely her own, not mine to define. My clients are women of all races, religions, educational levels, economic levels, political alignment, and sexual orientation.  Through the tools received through life coaching, my client finds confidence and understanding of who she is which allows her to become a more productive member of her community. The goal of coaching is to help each client reach a place of total wellbeing, finding the ultimate goal in life, happiness. 

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I'll be your guide through obstacles, transitions, and your path to achieving an imperfectly perfect life, your BEST life!

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