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Middle Age is such an important time in life that I’ve dedicated my life’s work to guiding women who are navigating their tricky middle-aged years, as a life coach who specializes in midlife coaching. In addition to coaching, during the past 3 years, I’ve interviewed nearly 150 middle aged women from very diverse backgrounds for the Friendship book series that I authored. Given my vast experience working with women in their 40s, 50s, and early 60s, I can say with absolute certainty that midlife is the time of life for women when the greatest growth and learning happens. It is a time of life when women recognize the importance of letting go of prior beliefs and feelings of judgment that held them back in their younger years.

Unfortunately, midlife does not come up all roses. We can’t ignore the other thorny side of the coin. As glorious and as exciting as middle age is it can also be a very difficult time of life. Middle age is a time when many people are taking care of elderly parents or losing their parents, becoming empty nesters, and finding that their relationships are changing. In fact, the percent of divorces in middle age has doubled since the 1990s. Life can get messy.

Through coaching my clients are able to identify patterns, habits, and beliefs that are no longer serving them, become confident in their natural skills and talents, and discover how to create their second half of life by design! 



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